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Courageous Eaters School – Part 1 (Introduction)

This the first video in my Courageous Eaters School series, a course designed for parents/caregivers of children ages 18 months and up. To view the course curriculum and subsequent videos, please visit the course page here.

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About Me

My name is Kim Reid and I created Intentional OT to help parents solve picky eating while making family mealtime more enjoyable!

As an occupational therapist in the pediatric setting, I saw a wide range of families who needed help with picky eating. As a mom, I saw a need in my community to solve the frustration that picky eating brings to a family.

Whether mealtime is a struggle or you just want your child to become a more adventurous eater, I hope my online courses and consultations help you enjoy mealtime with your little (or big!) ones.

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